Secure Applications & Devices For Remote Desktop Connection

Ensure business continuity and prevent productivity dips during adverse situations by giving your employees secure, remote access to on-premises applications.
Our Zero Trust Access Gateway helps manage multiple devices and offers stronger security mechanisms than VPN, allowing any number of devices to be connected. Further, you can ensure a healthy security posture of devices and users connected to enterprise applications and enforce strong disaster recovery controls.

Telecommuting Made Simpler and More Secure

Using its in-built adaptive security controls, the Zero Trust Access Gateway solution performs a complete assessment of various factors including the user profile, their device, location, etc. before granting access to an application.

Robust Virtual Desktop Infrastructure For Seamless Remote Connectivity

Integrate our Zero Trust Access Gateway with your enterprise network and customize it according to your business and data security requirements, enabling your remote workforce to operate efficiently.

Swift and Efficient Deployment of Workforce Management

Designed to provide complete accountability & risk management for Mobile Workforce.

Easy to use

Users can access your on-premises applications the same way they access other SaaS apps, without updating applications to work with the Access Gateway.

Access Policies

Network administrators can use actionable data to easily create granular security policies for each device or application based on the level of risk associated.


The Access Gateway does not require any application modifications in your on-premises environment.

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO)

The Zero Trust Access Gateway’s secure single sign-on feature allows users to locate their cloud applications and log in seamlessly through a single portal.

How does this solution work?

Users connect to the Unotech Access Gateway server from their browser or device, while the Gateway Connector reads the request and sends it to the Access Gateway Service, which interprets the contents of the request and facilitates the connection to the relevant on-premise application.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) vs Zero Trust Access Gateway (ZTAG)

VPN is passe. As remote workforce management gets more complex and telecommuting gets demanding, ZTAG is providing to be more secure, effective, and adaptive than VPN. Check out how ZTAG scores more than VPN when it comes to remote connectivity and workforce management.

Virtual Private Network

  • Authenticates device without stringent security parameters, allowing access to unauthorized assets
  • The criteria for granting access based on IP addresses are either too broad or overly restrictive to the point of inhibiting work and efficiency
  • VPN’s Static, perimeter-based security is ineffective when there are multiple devices scattered and access is granted by remote, disparate servers
  • VPN is a siloed solution aimed to facilitate remote access for remote users and does not secure on-premises users or networks

Zero Trust Access Gateway

  • Assesses the user’s context, location, permissions, and device security posture before allowing a connection to the network
  • Granular controls help create a secure one-to-one network segment to authorized assets; everything unauthorized to the user remains invisible and inaccessible
  • ZTAG’s adaptive security controls react to real-time changes in user context and adjust access permissions dynamically to mitigate risk
  • ZTAG is scalable and integrates with cloud-based and on-premises systems, automatically applying security policies to new deployments

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