Streamlined Identity Protocols

Improve Access with Streamlined Identity Protocols

The overall health of your Identity and Access Management infrastructure depends on the accuracy and efficiency of its authoritative identity repositories. Identity administration and user provisioning provide a set of processes and an infrastructure to support the creation and maintenance of identity as per business compliance and governance norms. This includes attributes, credentials, and entitlements and the secure facilitation of access to IT assets for various user populations from different channels.

Identity and policy administration services include centralized, delegated, and self-service administration, as well as workflow approval. These services also include the ability to programmatically update identity information from existing authoritative sources of data or to make arrangements to obtain real-time identity assertions from a third party.

How Provisioning Works

The Unotech Impact

Delegated Administration

Provides a mechanism for administrators to push privileged activities to managers and end users securely through tailored interfaces and work-flows.

Self-Registration and Self-Service

Provides an interface for users to manage credentials and profile information and to request access to IT assets. Anonymous users may also register through this interface.

Provisioning Workflows

Detailed workflows can be created easily; for example, following a specific order for account creation, performing retries or rollbacks in case of failure, and more.

Identity Registration

Provides on-boarding and verification of new users and conducts identity proofing by verifying an individual’s identity through credible and valid sources.

Rules & Access Policies

Provides for the application of business logic and policy in how and which assets are provisioned and how data is processed and transformed as it flows through the identity system.


Administrators can easily configure deprovisioning rules to modify or remove access for users with role changes or when they leave the organization.

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