Zero Trust Access Gateway

Augment Device & Application Security

Multi-factor Authentication provides an added layer of protection to enterprise networks, keeping both users as well as applications and data secure from internal and external threats. Based on a risk-based authentication model, our solution establishes a standard login behavior for each individual user, and responds to anomalous activity with the appropriate set of strong factors for both high and low risk login attempts.

Multi-factor authentication enables organizations to enforce stronger workforce identity management and consumer identity management controls within the enterprise framework. The platform allows for easy interoperability across systems while facilitating a seamless authentication and transaction process for customers. With adaptive authentication policies, you can rest assured that security is stepped up in high-risk scenarios and streamlined for low-risk users and applications.

How Multi-Factor Authentication Works

The Unotech Impact

Multiple Authentication Methods

Users can securely sign-on using a range of options email OTPs, voice, a PIN-protected desktop application, as well as mobile push authentication methods such as swipe, tap, fingerprint, and facial recognition, in addition SMS OTPs

Contextual Access Management

Set smarter access and authentication policies based on login context, including contextual factors such as location, device type or health, and network parameters such as IP, network anonymizers, or ISP.

Superior User and Admin Experience

Adaptive multi-factor authentication features such as passwordless authentication, easier self-service enrollment, flexibility to choose between various login options, and easily obtainable reports and audit trails for administrators.

Quick Deployement

Implement multi-factor authentication across systems without spending time on setting up a local, on-premises MFA footprint. Centralized governance of MFA integration enables monitoring of devices and security posture in real-time.


Integrate multi-factor authentication across the organization for stronger authentication on applications, VPNs, servers such as Windows Server (RDP), and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Connect Instantly To Virtual Environments

Direct authentication enables users to switch seamlessly between different virtual environments including RDS, Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop, VMWare, and Microsoft, as well as local applications.

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Implement a robust Identity and Access Management system in your organization by leveraging Multi-Factor Authentication.

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