Seamless data access for teams

Seamless data access for teams

A Directory Server operates as a scalable, central repository of data on employees, customers, partners, etc., connecting the entire IT infrastructure while ensuring compliance with security regulations and business policies. It helps enterprises build a unified profile from multiple data sources with the ability to manage millions of entries during peak usage times without compromising on performance.

With Unotech’s Secure Directory Integration, you can securely bridge the existing directory ecosystems (Active Directory, LDAP) – including your HRMS – with user data and identities to provide consistent and personalized user experience across multiple channels. With Directory Server, you can synchronize your disparate data silos into a single secure, high-performance data store. Whether you are performing a one-time data migration or need ongoing, real-time, bidirectional data synchronizations, you can create a single source of truth about your customers, partners and employees.

The Unotech Impact

Unify All Disparate Profiles

Unify all employee profiles from disparate identity silos in a single place and deploy easily both on-premises and in the cloud, and effectively protect valuable identity data in compliance with laws and regulations.

Effective Delegation of Responsibilities

Easily delegate administration tasks to different departments to help identity management teams save time on recurring actions such as account data updates, password resets, etc.

Lower Development Time

Enable developers to integrate applications with APIs such as REST to store and handle any structured or unstructured data required to build and manage identity profiles.

Distributed Information Model

A directory service enables directory data to be distributed across multiple servers within a network. Additionally, directories also support replication of data and information systems to make it more accessible and more resistant to failure.

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Achieve scalability and save on data storage costs by deploying Directory Server.

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