Centralize user identities

A Single Source of Truth for Identity and Access

Our Centralized Directory allows you to store an unlimited amount of users and attributes from applications and sources like AD or HR systems. All of this data is easily accessible through apps that run over LDAP or via API. The directory also supports various attributes including linked-objects, sensitive attributes, and predefined lists.

In addition to providing a unified point of user management, the centralized directory service also enables smoother authentication, bypassing the need for on-premises servers or infrastructure. Enterprises can securely connect users to their workstations, servers, networks, apps, and files. Unotech’s centralized directory service performs the role of both an authoritative and exhaustive directory or connects to existing identity providers depending on the organization’s needs.

The Unotech Impact

Multi-source Integrations

Simplify user management with a unified identity provider. Leverage seamless integrations with G Suite, Azure Active Directory (Office 365), on-prem AD, and others.

Reduced IT Workload

No IT or development workload needed. Create, import, and provision users with ease and speed using automated tools and configurations.

Built-In Security

Protect user identities & IT resources. The directory service’s rigorous standards for data security and encryption ensures end-to-end compliance.

Customize Users and Devices

Extensible controls for user profile, group profile, and device profile customizability allows user admins to assign rules that automatically group users based on specific attributes.

Third-Party IDP Integrations

Connect to any number of external IDPs and automatically reroute users to the relevant platforms based on user attributes such as email.


The self-service feature allows end users to reset their password for applications and platforms including AD and LDAP, reducing the burden on IT.

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Centralize user identities for Unotech and multiple other sources for efficient management and security of IT assets.

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