With Unotech’s Unified Digital Identity approach, you empower people and machines with right roles, permissions, and governance. The secured environment allows IoT, Machine-to-Machine, and Artificial Intelligence to join humans in pervasively generating, accessing, and processing information across various enterprise data touch-points.

Created with highly modular yet cohesive Open Source components, our stack of Workforce Identity Management solutions allows unprecedented interoperability in your business environment, making it highly scalable and agile, yet fully governed.

All, with zero vendor lock-in, and one of the industry’s best TCO for functions and features offered.

Our Solutions Stack

Identity Management

Our effective IAM module enables seamless yet regulated employee access to relevant information and enterprise asset based on roles and permissions. With Unotech’s identity management capabilities, you can not only bridge the access siloes that might have been created as IT matured in your organization, you can easily manage and govern workforce identity lifecycle – from onboarding, to provisioning, to offboarding – across the evolving complex IT environments with ever-changing permission levels.

Single Sign-On

Enable one-click access to all your enterprise apps in a highly secured environment – from any location and any device. Leverage secure single sign-on (SSO) to provide seamless access to your modern applications through OIDC, SAML and CAS enabled offerings, and your legacy applications through support for Custom API-based token exchange SSO.

Identity Governance

With apt Identity Governance, ensure policy-based orchestration of identity and access control that supports enterprise IT security and business regulatory compliance. Enable auditable trail for employee identity, access and endpoint data, in compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. With Unotech’s Identity Governance module, make it easier for business owners to gain auditable access control of sensitive data with centralized recording of all user management and access activities.

Secured Directory Integration

For consistently rich user experience, it is imperative to enable flexible and secure directory integration or storage for workforce identities in an organization. The need for such a high-performance directory to store identities is even more in today’s highly federated and hybrid IT environments of SaaS, cloud, and on-premises, in compliance to the regulations. With Unotech, you can securely bridge the existing directory ecosystems (Active Directory, LDAP) – including your HRMS – with user data and identities to provide consistent and personalized user experience across multiple channels.

Multi-factor Authentication

Prevent data breaches by supporting a variety of MFA mechanisms to enforce stronger security and better authentication of users. You can select from a range of options to conduct MFA with OTP on Email or SMS, Secret Challenges/Questions, Time-based OTP on third-party authenticators or on Unotech’s Authenticator that supports Push Notifications and TOTP. Help redefine the user experience by enabling your users to go securely password-less to access enterprise data and assets.

Key Features

Created with highly modular yet cohesive Open Source components, your Identity environment becomes highly scalable, flexible, and interoperable.

Introduce highly adaptive identity access management capabilities with robust security framework in your digital ecosystem.

Use of vendor-neutral development frameworks to allow flexible configuration-based, code-independent database changes.

All, with zero vendor lock-in, and one of the industry’s best TCO for functions and features offered.

Solve your organization’s challenges in Identities and Access Management while addressing your organization’s identity needs.

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