BumbleBee The ECM - An Overview

In this digital age, going for a paperless office will perhaps be the best decision you ever took for your business  and the environment. Organizations today are floating in a virtual sea of documents. Once upon a time, this ocean was limited to computer files and printed documents, but these days we must also keep track of the information we  email, broadcast, publish online, collaborate on, compare, and present — as well as the related content that others  send us.

Taken as a whole, this flood of created and related content acts as our nonprofit’s knowledge base. Yet when we  simply create and collect documents, we miss the opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge. Not only do  these documents contain information we can reuse, we can also study them to understand past organizational  decisions and parse them to produce metrics on organizational goals and efficiencies.

The BumbleBee Impact

Concurrent Editing

Check-in/check-out and locking, to coordinate the simultaneous editing of a document so one person’s  changes don’t overwrite another’s.

Audit Trail

Auditable trails permit the reconstruction of who did what to a document during the course of its life in the system.

Version Control

Tighter control on versioning, so tabs can be kept on how the current document came to be, and how it differs from the  versions that came before.

Roll Back

Easy and intuitive roll-back feature to “activate” a prior version in case of an error or premature release.

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Our Solutions

Document Management

An employee typically spends about half his day managing records, files, and documents. An automated Document Management solution can remarkably drive efficiency and productivity for the employee just by correctly organizing, securing, digitizing, tagging, and approving his entire collection of content. In simpler terms, an effective Document Management System makes right data accessible at the right time, making sure the right information flows to the right user, when and where they need it. BumbleBee creates a central digital repository for all of your organization’s documents and related content, making it much easier and efficient for your employees to find.

Centralize user identities

Digital Asset Management

BumbleBee Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows organizations to store, organize, retrieve, and share their digital assets (or content, such as images, documents, audio, video, presentations, marketing collaterals etc) as a centralized library that ensures proper access, versioning and de-duplication. The BumbleBee DAM is easy to deploy and intuitive to use while it ensures controlled access and distribution of organizations’ crucial creative digital assets among its employees, clients, and contractors.

Workflow Management

Workflow management and task digitization converts one or more workflows into a digital format to replicate them or optimize them for better efficiency. With BumbleBee Workflow Management, an organization can expand its digital self-service capabilities, combine disparate processes, and reconfigure its operating models to streamline and automate its workflows. BumbleBee Workflow Management backed by smart analytics, metrics, continuous optimization helps streamline the work for departments, allowing teams to focus time and energy on more important and value-driven activities.

Desktop & Mobile Device Presence

BumbleBee Desktop Client synchronizes folders and files between Bumblebee servers and local desktops and laptops with remote UnoDocs folder structure. It allows an option to select automated or manual synchronization using the Desktop Client Option to resolve sync conflicts, if any. The BumbleBee Mobile App with mail integration helps users access, view and update content easily and efficiently. With robust document indexing feature to allow addition of dynamic fields, users can easily archive or upload new documents at will.

BumbleBee Use Cases

BumbleBee ECM fits into any enterprise environment, with available APIs, ad-hoc features and functionality built specifically to address any kind of centralized content management requirements, such as storage quota, workspace, version, access controls, and distribution mechanisms.


Document Management
Knowledge Management
Intelligence Platform
Mobile Content Management
Product Information Management
Points of Interest Repository
Digital NewsRoom
Customer Portal


Digital Asset Management
Media Asset Management
Secure Delivery of Digital Assets
Creatives Management
Brand Management
Ads Distribution
Video Content Management


Case Management
Legislative Document Management
Fraud Investigation
Insurance Policies Management
Insurance Claims Management
Engineering Document Management

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