Solving Identity Access Challenges - The Unotech Way

Granting access of the right enterprise assets to right users – whether client or workforce – in the right context is the cornerstone of an enterprise’s ability to derive the best value of the information that ultimately impacts its business.

The Cymmetri Identity Platform enables organization to create a unified digital identity across People & Machines as per process defined in a reliable and scalable manner. Cymmetri is future-ready – it is designed to intelligently handle the problems & challenges of Identities and their Access in the 21st Century.

Cymmetri - An Overview

Cymmetri Overview

Solve your organization’s challenges in Identities and Access Management and help secure your organization’s identity needs.

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Our Solutions

Workforce Identity Management

100% Open Source build for Enterprise for enhanced interoperability across systems. Avoid vendor lock-in too!
Loosely Coupled, High Cohesion systems to allow for swapping in & out of various open source components. Allowing best leverage of Projects.
Use of vendor-neutral development frameworks for allowing configuration-based, code-independent database changes.
Industry best TCO for the Functions & Features offered compared to competition.

Workforce Identity Management

Zero Trust Access Gateway (ZTAG)

Enable greater flexibility for your teams with telecommuting and remote working solutions, while being fully compliant and secure.
Ensure your remote workforce remains productive without compromising on data security and control over access to corporate resources.


Consumer Identity Access Management

Risk score backed, Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication.
Customer profile field end-to-end encryption for the security-aware consumer. Consent managed data aggregation for the privacy-aware consumers.
Pricing & TCO aligned to 21st Century needs. Scalability without compromising reliability. Identity validation and proofing for determining whether a digital identity belongs to a real person.

Consumer Identity Access Management
Identity Governance

Identity Governance

With Cymmetri Identity Platform’s Enterprise IAM system, User Governance is made easy. A Dashboard for the CEO, CFO and CIO teams as per the needs. Allowing further customization. For e.g. A IT dashboard is made available to the CIO and this team that will show the status of user provisioning and de provisioning. With configurable filters on every critical field, such as, event status, managed system selection drop-downs, IP address searches and event types, a quick dashboard update is triggered, reflecting the system-wide status of user activities and easy access to the logs without having to access the machine underneath to check server logs.

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