Businesses are being reimagined in today’s digital age. As digital transformation ushers in, organizations are creating new and modifying existing processes and methodologies to redefine the way they conducted their business to meet the dynamic market needs.

Unotech’s AUTOMATE approach enables enterprises to adopt technology-driven business automation of their complex processes and delivery mechanisms or outreach methods, allowing them to introduce higher agility, scalability, and reliability into their service ecosystem.

With Unotech’s AUTOMATE approach driving robotic process automation, continuous integration, and service enablement, allows an enterprise to increase its service quality, improve its efficiency, encourage innovation, align better to its business priorities, and enable real-time value. All, at unprecedented speed and scale.

Our Solutions

Process Digitization

Business is constantly striving to keep pace with the volatile and uncertain market scenarios and meet the ever-evolving needs. It is pertinent for enterprises to not only align their processes to their business priorities, but also digitize their processes to maximize collaboration and optimize operations to ultimately innovate more and deliver better user experiences. By gaining the single version of truth and processing data on time, with Unotech’s Automate approach, you can identify and resolve critical issues faster, prioritize actions based on impact, and make smarter decisions. Relevant process digitization improves organizational productivity phenomenally and make the organization much more nimble and agile to the changes around us.

Robotic Process Automation

Enterprises are increasingly dabbling with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate processes, streamline operations, and improve productivity while reducing costs in executing such repetitive tasks. With Unotech’s help, you can easily and effectively automate rules-based business processes, improving operational efficiency and productivity by over 30%. Unotech’s RPA capabilities augment your operational process capacities to be more scalable and agile to business needs with unparalleled ease of use and value for money. With RPA, you can pave way toward intelligent automation with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is an effective DevOps software development practice that Unotech excels at. With Continuous Integration, Unotech can help you develop automated/programmable stacks quickly to solve your specific process and business problems rapidly. The approach saves you cost, time, and effort, allowing you to invest your resources more in augmenting your processes and RPA ecosystem, and improving the software quality.

Customer Service Management

With Unotech’s customer service management platform, you can leverage our digital workflow engine to develop relevant packages of key applications and scalable capabilities to augment and accelerate your automation and digital transformation initiatives. Riding on our Process Automation Platform, FELICITY, you can develop custom applications with automated service management workflows that ensure efficient collaboration among siloed systems, better work management, and enhanced user experience.

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