Data is the new oil. Information and knowledge are the wealth that businesses create with data. Granting access of the right enterprise assets to right users – whether client or workforce – in the right context is the cornerstone of an organization’s ability to derive the best value of data that ultimately impacts its business.

Unotech’s Access approach empowers you with tools, technologies, methodologies, and services that enable the Unified Digital Identity and manage the complete identity access lifecycle at your enterprise. Right from onboarding, to provisioning, to authorizing, and to off-boarding.

Our Solutions

Workforce Identity Management

  • As enterprises go digital, it is imperative that you allow your users to access your resources and assets – on cloud or on premises – from any location and on any device.
  • Here, striking the right balance between enhanced security and seamless convenience is key to enrich your user experience and boost the organizational productivity.
  • Created with highly modular yet cohesive Open Source components, our stack of Workforce Identity Management solutions allows unprecedented interoperability in your business environment, making it highly scalable and agile, yet fully governed.
  • Our Unified Digital Identity approach introduces highly adaptive identity access management capabilities with robust security framework in your digital ecosystem.
  • All, with zero vendor lock-in, and one of the industry’s best TCO for functions and features offered.
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Workforce Identity Management
Consumer Identity Access Management

Consumer Identity Access Management

  • Unified customer experience fuels better engagement and drives revenue and loyalty.
  • Unotech's CIAM solution delivers convenience, hyper-personalization, and security tightly coupled to revamp your digital customer experience.
  • With Unotech’s CIAM solution, allow your consumers to enjoy seamless yet highly secure experiences as they conveniently access your revenue-generating digital products and services.
  • Create a homogenous view of your consumer from across disparate user stores within your enterprise and offer consistent, multi-channel personalization with risk-score backed, adaptive multi-factor authentication.
  • Ensure fully encrypted customer profile and consent-managed data aggregation for privacy-concerned and security-aware consumers to earn their trust and loyalty.
  • Deployed across cloud, on-premises, or hybrid IT environments, future-proof your enterprise's consumer identity access capabilities with highly scalable CIAM.
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Transform the way your users and consumers access your digital properties. Address your organization's identity access needs today.

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