Are your applications performing optimally? Are you fully leveraging the power of your Linux platform? Are you missing opportunities to do much more than what you are doing with your current system?

Architecture decisions, misconfiguration, patch oversights, security updates, and other routine adjustments can all impact the performance, vulnerability, and overall health of your Enterprise Linux platform.

A Linux Health Check helps ensure that your solution stack is operating at maximum security and efficiency, and can identify configuration, update, security and performance issues that could ultimately impact your business.


Conducting a periodic review for each of your major workloads helps to ensure a properly designed, configured, and tuned infrastructure that delivers better application performance, management, and cost reduction.

We help you address Configuration errors Deviations from best-practice setups Hardware running in degraded mode Unused accelerator hardware Single point-of-failures


During the engagement, our consultant conducts a prioritized investigation of the Linux configuration in order to:
  • Validate the host configuration and installation against a comprehensive checklist
  • Review performance and security for opportunities based on application use cases and proven methods
  • Provide strategic recommendations for Enterprise Linux management and maintenance based on findings and observations

Upon closure of the engagement, the consultant provides:

  • Documentation of your existing installation and configuration along with recommendations for configuration improvements
  • Incidental observations on additional opportunities for improving your overall IT infrastructure and staff performance


To ensure a smooth service delivery, the following people from your organization should be available to work with our consultant during the engagement:
  • Project manager: This person manages the day-to-day activities related to the engagement and ensures the timely delivery of information required for the project.
  • Enterprise Linux administrator: This person will be responsible for the administration of the Linux configuration and for maintenance after the engagement. This person will receive knowledge transfer from the on-site consultant during the engagement.
  • IT and other staff: These people are IT and other professionals who provide Unotech with the relevant and necessary information about your IT infrastructure.


A properly implemented, configured, and tuned infrastructure delivers better system performance and is less expensive to operate in production. A Health Check also helps by:
  • Identifying configuration, update, security, or performance issues that ultimately impact your business.
  • Providing recommendations for configuration and management improvements
  • Creating formalized documentation on your configuration
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