Identity Management System

Alleviate the clutter of passwords for all your in-house applications. Benefit from a single unique identifying service for all your systems. Govern identity creation, access management and revocation from a central management console and ease the pressure on your IT support teams.

Components of IDM

  • Centralized Authentication
  • Access Manager
  • Provisioning System
  • Single Sign On

Centralized Authentication

Authenticate all your enterprise application users through a single portal or service. Allow your users to securely connect to their applications.

Access Manager

Control your user access management centrally and link directly with your directory services. Create, modify, disable and remove users at ease.

Provisioning System

Allow application access to users for only those applications they have a business need to. Assign role and access management for each application specifically.

Single Sign On and SSO API

Users connect to their application by accessing the SSO front end portal. Connection and user authentication is managed by the SSO API to provide users with a seamless experience.