Our approach to a collaborative ecosystem that fosters interoperable software solutions in Healthcare to support improved patient-centred care; challenges more traditional software development approaches, share development, increase speed of development, quality and value for money.

We see the fundamental value of open source to be used to help standard-based development, Health Information Exchange, clinical systems integration and Electronic Health Record. We also tend to hold a broad view of open source approach, i.e. open source software, open standard, collaboration etc in effectively utilizing the power of open source in achieving success in government and enterprise sponsored health initiatives.

By learning from ecological ecosystem and other complex systems, we have proposed the following characteristics of our open source eHealth solutions:

open source eHealth solutions:

  • Active open source communities
  • Diverse participants
  • Strong collaboration
  • Long-term self-sustainability

Our aims are to:

  • Developing OSS innovation patterns in Healthcare
  • Stimulating the development and reuse of open source software components
  • Bring together organisations and talents, be a flag bearer for OSS projects
  • Sharing lesson-learnt and expertise around open source from a wide range of area