Document Management System

Your company produces a large number of documents every day and the information contained within these is essentially linked to your direct success. Each document is tied to unique process. They are created, forwarded, stored and referred to time and again. This process takes up a lot of time and resources which makes it essential to look into document management and optimize the process!

A Document Management System or DMS will help you:

  • Improve Customer Client Relationship
  • Save Money and Time
  • Store and search documents easily and effectively

Unotech Software offers mid-sized and large organizations cutting edge DMS applications based on our passion and expertise for open source software.

The DMS solution we create is fully customizable and based on your specific business needs. It is easy to use and offers accessibility features like drag and drop workflows, on demand access and centralized document storage.

The DMS solutions we implement can be seamlessly synced with your existing APIs so the learning curve for your employees is extremely easy.

Unotech DMS features:

  • Digitization of your physical papers
  • Workflows that create a paperless environment
  • Role based access to documents
  • Tagging documents and searching
  • Barcode based document tagging
  • OCR scanned documents i.e. search text within documents