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Fundamental business systems are getting more complex. Dynamic business environments and the inherent evolving needs are adding to the stress. Increasingly, organizations are looking to develop interoperable, flexible, scalable and yet economical enterprise technology ecosystems.

Naturally, enterprises–small, medium or large–are turning to Open Source ecosystems to enhance their business effectiveness and help accomplish their strategic and tactical goals. And, they need help to focus and do it all right.

Unotech has always been an avant-garde proponent of Open Source. That’s why its Consulting & Advisory Practice helps organizations with practical, real-world strategic thinking and advice on developing the right tactics for right outcomes.

Our Consulting Panel

In addition to the whole force of Unotech Software’s senior resources enabling the Consulting and Advisory division, the Practice is being led by a Panel of quite eminent and highly qualified experts of the industry.

Under their guidance, Unotech Consulting offers very effective and business-relevant advisory services to organizations.



Principal Scientist at IIT Madras & Technology/Management Consultant

With over 30 years of global experience of creating start-ups, engineering diverse IT systems...



Principal Scientist, IIT Madras & Senior Technical Consultant

V.S.Vasan has been working with several leading IT organization globally, for close to 25 years now, across...

M.J.Shankar Raman

M.J.Shankar Raman

Senior Advisor & Principal Scientist, IIT Madras

A Computer Science and Engineering graduate from the University of Madras, M.J.Shankar Raman holds his post...

Consulting Services

Unotech’s proven expertise and its unique blend of strategic think-tank, business operations experts and technology evangelists help businesses articulate long-term business-technology strategies, evaluate needs, manage developments, implement operations, and offer future recommendations – either on a project or continued engagement.

Open Source Assessment of Business

At the foundational level, Unotech Consulting helps organizations establish the business-technolog aligned objectives and articulate the Open Source strategy across the following eight buidling blocks:
  • Open Source Discovery
  • Review and Selection
  • Vendor Selection
  • Code Management
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Compliance Program
  • Community Interaction
  • Executive Overview

Architecture Assessment & Decision

Unotech has comprehensive experience of developing, managing and running mission critical systems across some of the largest, most complex and most dynamic of the businesses.
Unotech Consulting effectively combines the industry experiences and client requirements into a structured architecture plan with clearly defined milestones, metrices and objectives.

Open Source Migration

Migration is one of the most complex steps and the biggest impediment for any organization keen to adopt Open Source ecosystem. Detailed action plans, robust advices, keen eye to details and extensive experience are the tools that can see migration through successfully.
Unotech Consulting helps to select the right and relevant OSS, and accordingly articulate the migration strategies across a host of applications and platforms from their proprietary avatar to the Open Source platforms.

Open Source Governance

To successfully leverage the OSS environments, and achieve the intended business objectives, it is pertinent for organizations to establish and comply to the Open Source Governance policies and procedures.
Unotech Consulting helps businesses articulate the apt Open Source policies and processes, while developing the relevant remediation services and Open Source governance optimization strategies.

Internal Team Development

The foremost reason for successful adoption of enterprise technologies that are well-aligned to business objectives and goals is the robustness of the internal team. The buck stops here.
Unotech Consulting enables organizations to develop highly effective and prompt internal teams that can further evangelize the adoption of Open Source methods enterprise-wide. Unotech helps businesses to select the core teams, training, assessment, certification, handovers and sign-offs.

Consulting Methodology

Unotech combinesits proven expertise in executing multitudes of mission-critical projects, best practices and rich Open Source industry experience.

Based on its Consulting Methodology of APIS (Assess, Plan, Implementation Support/Optimization), Unotech Consulting & Advisory practice helps create robust business strategies, result-oriented tactics and effective engagement models for proven business success.

For the uninitiated organizations, Unotech provides a clear, concise and structure path to assess organizational readiness for Open Source, its governance maturity, and to learn best practices. Customized strategies are crafted to help reduce challenges and achieve the business and technology objectives.

Following the discovery and assessment phases, Unotech Consulting helps organization articulates and develops the right implementation plans including strategy implementation, community model implementation, migration opportunities, objectives and metrices/indicators articulation, governance plans and training initiatives.

Post the plans, here’s rubber meets the road. Unotech provides flexible engagement programs that spell out exactly how to implement the decided plans. Unotech also offers its insights into the possible impediments and ways to address the potential challenges.

Unotech believes in continued success and full follow-through of all the initiatives embarked upon by organizations. Unotech also helps enterprises who have already adopted earlier Open Source programs to quickly identify potential weaknesses, and course correct in accordance to best practices.

Consulting Areas

  • Portals
  • Middleware
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Databases
  • Storage
  • Performance Engineering
  • Scalability Mobility Platform
  • Networking & Infrastructure
  • Virtualization
  • Open Source Governance
  • Security

Consulting Verticals

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • eGovernance
  • Media & Communications
  • Defense
  • Healthcare

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